• 1222brown

    Equestria Grand Prix

    June 20, 2018 by 1222brown
    1. Leg 1:Brazil To Cambodia
    2. Leg 2:Cambodia To China
    3. Leg 3:China To France
    4. Leg 4:France To Japan
    5. Leg 5:Japan To Texas
    6. Leg 6:Texas To Vatican City
    7. Leg 7:Vatican City To Brazil
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  • 1222brown
    • Fluttershy:Monday
    • Sunset Shimmer:Tuesday
    • Apple Jack:Wednesday
    • Rainbow Dash:Thursday
    • Pinkie Pie:Friday
    • Twilight Sparkle:Saturday
    • Rarity:Sunday
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  • 1222brown
    • Rainbow Dash:Rap
    • Fluttershy:Classic Soul
    • Apple Jack:Country
    • Pinkie Pie:Latin Jazz
    • Rarity:Pop
    • Sunset Shimmer:Rock ‘N’ Roll
    • Twilight Sparkle:R&B
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  • 1222brown
    • Rainbow Dash:Bad
    • Fluttershy:Human Nature
    • Apple Jack:Thriller
    • Pinkie Pie:ABC
    • Rarity:Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
    • Sunset Shimmer:Smooth Criminal
    • Twilight Sparkle:Man In The Mirror
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  • 1222brown
    1. Logo/The Incrediponies-Michael Giacchino_3:29
    2. A Rare Perspective-Michael Giacchino_5:15
    3. The Great And Powerful Trixie-Michael Giacchino_1:53
    4. The Big Escape-Michael Giacchino_4:55
    5. Crime Is Over-Michael Giacchino_0:46
    6. Home Sweet Home-Michael Giacchino_0:54
    7. The Meeting-Michael Giacchino_0:52
    8. The Note-Michael Giacchino_0:51
    9. The Mission-Michael Giacchino_2:49
    10. Train Of Thought-Michael Giacchino_0:35
    11. Runaway-Michael Giacchino_1:08
    12. Rushing Back-Michael Giacchino_1:34
    13. Hour Of Heroes-Michael Giacchino_2:20
    14. Stalking Starlight-Michael Giacchino_1:35
    15. Evil Lair-Michael Giacchino_3:30
    16. Starlight Exposed-Michael Giacchino_2:22
    17. Phone Call-Michael Giacchino_5:21
    18. Home Invasion-Michael Giacchino_1:57
    19. Cruisin’For A Bruisin’-Michael Giacchino_4:18
    20. Salty Sails-Michael Giacchino_1:4…
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  • 1222brown
    • Rainbow Dash:Despicable Me
    • Fluttershy:There’s Something Special
    • Apple Jack:Fun, Fun, Fun
    • Pinkie Pie:Hug Me
    • Rarity:Freedom
    • Sunset Shimmer:Yellow Light
    • Twilight Sparkle:Doowit
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  • 1222brown
    1. The Longest Time-Billy Joel_3:40
    2. Diven To Win-Randy Newman_1:34
    3. Race Prentry-Randy Newman_1:29
    4. When All Your Friends Are Gone/Crash_Randy Newman_3:44
    5. Sistine Chapel Of Harmony-Randy Newman_0:59
    6. Tree Of Harmony-Randy Newman_1:38
    7. Memory Lane-Randy Newman_1:23
    8. Driving Miss Shimmer-Randy Newman_2:00
    9. The Meet-Randy Newman_0:52
    10. Tri-Cross Relay Course-Randy Newman_5:15
    11. Derby Racers-Rainbow Dash/Applejack/Rarity_2:25
    12. Sunset’s Rage-Randy Newman_2:44
    13. 100% Sure-Randy Newman_1:00
    14. Sunset Shimmer Meets Applejack-Randy Newman_1:39
    15. Training Day-Randy Newman_3:53
    16. Colts Vs. Bolts (Part I)-Randy Newman_4:14
    17. Colts Vs. Bolts (Part II)-Randy Newman_4:47
    18. Colts Vs. Bolts (Part III)-Randy Newman_4:58
    19. Epilogue/Intermezzo (Manon Lescaut)-Randy Newman_5:04
    20. Closing Title Cards-Randy New…
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  • 1222brown
    1. Rainbow Dash
    2. Rarity
    3. Applejack
    4. Pinkie Pie
    5. Sunset Shimmer
    6. Fluttershy
    7. Twilight Sparkle
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  • Gb98786
    1. Logo-Michael Giacchino_0:10
    2. Canterlot High School-Michael Giacchino_1:31
    3. The Mission-Michael Giacchino_2:49
    4. Evil Lair-Michael Giacchino_3:29
    5. Rarity Vs. Giant Crab-Michael Giacchino_4:51
    6. Time For Bed-Michael Giacchino_1:27
    7. Day 2-Michael Giacchino_3:03
    8. Ambush-Michael Giacchino_5:47
    9. Life Or Death-Michael Giacchino_3:24
    10. The Glory Days-Michael Giacchino_3:32
    11. Missile Lock-Michael Giacchino_2:07
    12. Explosion-Michael Giacchino_0:19
    13. Schism-Michael Giacchino_2:28
    14. Runaway-Michael Giacchino_0:45
    15. Escaping Pony Island-Michael Giacchino_1:22
    16. Road Trip-Michael Giacchino_2:22
    17. Saving Ponyville-Michael Giacchino_12:08
    18. Epilogue-Michael Giacchino_0:59
    19. End Credits-Michael Giacchino_3:16
    20. Freq (Bonus)-Pharrell Williams_3:46
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  • 1222brown
    1. Logo-Michael Giacchino_0:10
    2. Canterlot High School-Michael Giacchino_1:31
    3. The Mission-Michael Giacchino_2:49
    4. Evil Lair-Michael Giacchino_3:29
    5. Rarity Vs. Giant Crab-Michael Giacchino_4:51
    6. Time For Bed-Michael Giacchino_1:27
    7. Day 2-Michael Giacchino_3:03
    8. Ambush-Michael Giacchino_5:47
    9. Life Or Death-Michael Giacchino_3:24
    10. The Glory Days-Michael Giacchino_3:32
    11. Missile Lock-Michael Giacchino_2:07
    12. Explosion-Michael Giacchino_0:19
    13. Schism-Michael Giacchino_2:28
    14. Runaway-Michael Giacchino_0:45
    15. Escaping Pony Island-Michael Giacchino_1:22
    16. Road Trip-Michael Giacchino_2:22
    17. Saving Ponyville-Michael Giacchino_12:08
    18. Epilogue-Michael Giacchino_0:59
    19. End Credits-Michael Giacchino_3:16
    20. Freq (Bonus)-Pharrell Williams_3:46
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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    I've just noticed this Equestria Girls PMV on YouTube. If any of you grew up watching Sesame Street and probably saw one their specials "Elmopalooza!", then you may know that their song "One Small Voice" was performed by Kenny Loggins in the last music video before the finale. Well this PMV contains the Kenny Loggins rendition of the song. While it does contain most scenes with the Sonic Rainbooms, only a small amount of the PMV has Flash Sentry doing Kenny Loggins' solo songs. But I guess that's just the guy imagining Sentry as Loggins. no matter.

    This was beautifully done. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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  • 1222brown
    1. My Life-Robin Thicke_4:01
    2. Scream-CeeLo Green_3:51
    3. Hug Me-Pharrell Williams/Trey Parker_2:23
    4. Hair-Minions_0:59
    5. Freedom-Pharrell Williams_2:43
    6. Just A Cloud Away-Pharrell Williams_2:56
    7. Love Shack-Pinkie Pie_5:21
    8. Chuck Berry-Pharrell Williams_3:15
    9. All Together Now-Beatles_2:14
    10. Yellow Light-Pharrell Williams_3:37
    11. 99 Red Balloons-Nena_3:52
    12. Practice What You Preach-Barry White_4:08
    13. Friends (From Angry Birds)-Blake Shelton_3:07
    14. Prettiest Girls-Pharrell Williams_3:19
    15. Fish Out Of Water-Leo Soul_2:57
    16. Come By Me-Rarity_5:10
    17. Lost Queen/Freq-Pharrell Williams_7:56
    18. All In-Brad Paisley_3:45
    19. Evil Bratt-Heitor Pereira_1:45
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  • Gb98786

    1. RainbowPie (Part I)
    2. RainbowPie (Part II)
    3. RainbowPie (Part III)
    4. Fluttershy’s Day Off
    5. Rainbow Crash
    6. Techno Keytar
    7. Feeling Fabulous
    8. Food Bars
    9. The Apple Way
    10. Love Me Tender
    11. Wild About Pinkie
    12. Drop It To The Wind
    13. AJ’s Juice Bar
    14. Snow Day
    15. Rust Bucket
    16. Rainboom Blues
    17. Big Mane 6

    1. To Life
    2. Awesome Me
    3. Sandwich Theft
    4. Get Lost
    5. Agent Sunset
    6. Magic Mix
    7. Dash Saves The Day
    8. Butter Flutter
    9. You’re So Busted
    10. Dinner Party
    11. Follow The Leader
    12. Homesick
    13. A Lazy Day For Pinkie
    14. Hug Me

    1. Hidden Treasure
    2. Sweet Dreams
    3. 80’s Rarity
    4. The Lost Gummy
    5. Bloody Night
    6. Night Fight
    7. Love At First Boop
    8. Simply Rarity
    9. Fartbox
    10. Golden Mines
    11. Hot Head
    12. We Blew A Fuse
    13. Finding Twilight
    14. Sun Shiny Day
    15. Butt Whooping

    1. Fun Day
    2. Deal With It
    3. Toilet Trouble
    4. Rainbow Vs. Trixie
    5. Stealing Bacon
    6. Trash Talk
    7. Love Overboard
    8. Secret Memory
    9. Out Of Sight
    10. Dash In Trouble
    11. Rescue O…

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  • Gb98786
    1. The Great & Powerful Trixie
    2. Rainbow Vs. Trixie
    3. On The Open Road
    4. Dinner Date
    5. Master Of Disguise
    6. The Equestria Daily
    7. RainbowPie
    8. Rough Riders
    9. Stealing Candy
    10. Equestrian Idol
    11. Time For Bed
    12. Sinister Revenge Plot
    13. Rainbow Dash’s Plan
    14. Amulet Heist
    15. Infiltrate & Escape
    16. The Argument
    17. Back & Bigger Than Ever
    18. Dance Fight
    19. Epilogue
    20. End Titles
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  • Gb98786
    1. Rainbow Factory-Heitor Pereira…3:49
    2. Trixie’s Dirty Tricks/Logo-Heitor Pereira…4:25
    3. On The Open Road-Heitor Pereira…1:50
    4. Celestia Vs. Luna-Heitor Pereira…1:54
    5. Sunset’s Rage-Heitor Pereira…2:44
    6. Time For Bed-Heitor Pereira…1:27
    7. The Great And Powerful Trixie-Heitor Pereira…1:53
    8. Leaping Off The Page-Heitor Pereira…2:16
    9. Canterlot High School-Heitor Pereira…1:31
    10. Missing Amulet-Heitor Pereira…1:46
    11. Food Fight-Heitor Pereira…1:22
    12. Sinister Revenge Plot-Heitor Pereira…1:14
    13. Rainbow Dash’s Plan-Heitor Pereira…2:00
    14. Here We Go!/Up The Tower-Heitor Pereira…3:21
    15. Storming The Villain’s Lair-Heitor Pereira…2:01
    16. What Is Wrong With You?-Heitor Pereira…0:52
    17. Back And Bigger Than Ever-Heitor Pereira…7:00
    18. Epilogue-Heitor Pereira…0:59
    19. End Titles-Heitor Pereira…4:05
    20. Despicable Me (Bonu…
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  • Gb98786

    Rarity decides to jazz things up by throwing a party at her fashion boutique in Canterlot.

    After a very long
    day, my work here
    is done. It’s time
    to get this party
    on the road
    tonight. I may not
    be cool, but I’m
    still fabulous. All
    you got to do is hit
    it to the top as a
    lovely superstar.
    It’s a fashionista
    party. (Party). Let’s
    dance. (Dance). And shout.
    (Shout). With each other
    just for one night baby
    because you got the right
    to party. AOW!
    Go! (Yeah!)
    Go on! (Yeah!)
    Go on girl! (Yeah!)
    Go on! (Yeah!)
    Go on girl! (Yeah!)
    Go on girl! (Yeah!)
    PARTY! (Party). LET’S
    DANCE! (Dance). AND SHOUT. (Shout).
    tonight baby because you… (You)…
    Got… (Got)… The… (The)… RIGHT… (Right)…
    TO… (To)… PARTY… …

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  • 1222brown
    1. Tropical Island Adventure-Mane 6_0:59
    2. Surf & Turf-Rainbow Dash_4:04
    3. All Of Us Together-Pinkie Pie/Applejack_1:48
    4. Beach Volley-Twilight Sparkle/Rarity_3:04
    5. Coconut Slingshot-Applejack_4:38
    6. Lost In Paradise-Fluttershy_5:01
    7. Soaking Up The Sunlight-Rarity_7:11
    8. Latin Jazz Luau-Pinkie Pie_8:08
    9. Volcanic Love-Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy_6:00
    10. Heading Home-Twilight Sparkle_3:27
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  • 1222brown
    • Twilight Sparkle: Keke Palmer
    • Pinkie Pie: Harry Connick Jr.
    • Applejack: Brad Paisley
    • Rainbow Dash: Eminem
    • Rarity: Michael Jackson
    • Fluttershy: Sia
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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    Well some of us might, some of us don't. And you should as the person who posted this Flash Sentry fanmade video with the song "I'm Not A Loser" from the SpongeBob SquarePants musical:


    If you guys hate Flash Sentry don't comment on this at all or at least give honest and not harsh comment. Okay?

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  • Sonic.ranger4000

    We’ve all seen this scenario over 100 times in TV shows, movies, and other types of entertainment. It is used to refer to previous seasons, have characters look at the camera, and.... well, you know the rest. As you can see, I decided to write this blog about characters who break the fourth wall and make this club. So, without further ado, I have made a list of characters who break the fourth wall, starting with Pinkie Pie, the Princess of Fourth Wall Breakers.

    • Pinkie Pie
    • Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi)
    • Applejack
    • Rarity
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Sunset Shimmer
    • Fluttershy
    • Sour Sweet
    • Trixie Lulamoon
    • Wallflower Blush

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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    So, today we finally got to see the new EqG special "Forgotten Friendship". So anyone out there want to tell me what they think of it?

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  • CurpaiLikesPie


    February 9, 2018 by CurpaiLikesPie

    How is everyone doing?

    Up here, it´s only kinda snowy.


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  • Leeleeocampo

    I love my little pony equestria girls it's the best and I ship twi and sunset it's adorable to me!!! :) I watch mlp eg over and over so many times.... 

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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    A long time ago, a previous pettion on was made to try to convince Hasbro to bring back the Dazzlings and was shut down. Now there's a new petition made by S. Horace. It already has 35 signatures. So we've got to spread the word about it. If any of you would neither like to sign it or share it with your friends and family if you think this new petition will work, click the link right here: 

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  • Rystrouse renewed

    I know this has already been said before more than a thousand times, but I still wonder if Sunset will still return Equestria and this time for good while her human counterpart takes her place.

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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    I know the chances of that happening are slim, but even with the new look in the recent new Equestria Girls short, and of course a leaked Equestria Girls short with him interacting a bit longer with Sci Twilight. But I wonder if he gets even more development if he had his own song in the Equestria Girls franchise. Besides a petition on to get Hasbro and the Equestria Girls franchise to give Flash Sentry his own song has been posted. It got more than 150 signatures (unless it's an error and it has more than 100 signatures). 

    Here's the link: 

    What do you think? Is this such a good idea? Or should it be ignored? 

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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    Okay all you bronies and pegasisters I suppose by now you've seen the trailer for the debut of the Equestria Girls Series. It's gonna air on November 17th which is only 16 days. How does everyone feel about this? What other things do you think is gonna happen beside what we've seen in the trailer? Comment and tell me!!!

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  • Taylorwalls

    My Little Pony Equestria Girls Nightmare Games 2018!

    Dear, Princess Human Solar Eclipse into the into taking the same thing to the bring Princess Human Lunar Eclipse and the bring the New Mirror World like the Principals Solar Eclipse and the bring Principals Lunar Eclipse and the Meet Human Rainbows Love and the bring Meet Princess Rainbows Love going to the bring the Friendship Meet Human Starlight Glimmers and the Meet Human Sunset Shimmer and the bring from been more.

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  • Rystrouse renewed

    New series

    September 14, 2017 by Rystrouse renewed

    Is anyone interest in seeing the EQ series?

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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    So, we've had our Equestria Girls specials and some Summertime Shorts.

    What did you think of all that? And which special/ short was your favorite?

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  • Rystrouse renewed

    Why do we have this wiki site? We've got the MLP wiki site.

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  • Megatronmovies1999 aka Connor Lacey

    Hello everyone. My name is Megatronmovies1999. I'm new here but it's really me Connor Lacey.

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  • Connor Lacey

    Dear Princess Twilight

    Haven't heard from you in a while. I guess you must have a great and important role as a princess. I'm pretty sure if you need some lessons of how to be a duelist, I'm your tutor for the job. Write me back when you get the chance.

    Your friend, Connor Lacey.

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  • Popstar56


    May 14, 2017 by Popstar56

    the new equestrai girls


    series is comming up! so you have to be aware of when it comes out!

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  • Choong57

    My Youtube intro v3.00

    February 20, 2017 by Choong57

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  • TheClydesdalePegasus149

    Sighs. Hey, guys. Today I have something to tell you that involve with me being absent for half a year now. And it's that, I'm leaving this wiki.

    Yes, it's true but here's the reason why I suddenly made my final decision out of the blue:

    If you read my previous entry from August, you will know about my obsession with Miraculous Ladybug. I've been editing that wiki for almost one year now. I've promise from my entry that I would be back here on January 2017 after all of Season 1 episodes and the Christmas Special released in the US. But these two things have happened recently:

    • Tales From Paris: a 2D web series that have webisodes release almost every week on either the official Miraculous Ladybug Youtube channel or TFOU/TF1 for the English or F…
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  • TallTitan70

    This is my first blog on this wikia, so my first question to all is; who would you like to make an appearance on this spinoff series?

    We already got three for Friendship Is Magic (obviously), but if you ask me, I'd prefer Billy Bob Thornton after how much more he's into this spinoff than the actual main series nowadays...

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  • PrincessT(e)Sting

    Hello there fellow readers,

    due to account (anyone noticed I used T(e)Sting) issues and personal issues, I will be leaving the wiki.

    Don't expect me to return. And my trip to MLP wiki has been cancelled. I will need a bearucat (wrong spelling) to remove my admin rights.

    Hope that the wiki goes well. I will miss all of you.

    - PrincessTS and her test account, 00:33, December 19, 2016 (UTC)

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  • KillRoy231

    (Had to say it once here, but as I don't often come here this is the only place on this wiki I'll mention it)

    When the human ponies transform, they get actual pony ears, Twilight, Rainbow, and Fluttershy get actual wings, but instead of actual tails they get hair extensions that look like the tails of their pony counterparts. This includes Daydream Shimmer's transformation.

    The only two transformations that come with tails are Demon Sunset and Midnight Sparkle (though she became a separate entity and is now the third character to officially die in MLP: FiM, first two being King Sombra and Arimaspi, but that's irrelevant).

    Why is it only the evil transformations have tails? Is it because they consider tails to be a demon thing? If so, why, how…

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  • Prodsen19

    My Backstory for MLP: FiM

    November 7, 2016 by Prodsen19

    Three thousand years ago, the land was ruled by a herd of reptilian creatures called: Basilisks. They were peaceful, protective, and kind. They created every mountain, river, and tree. It was their land and they were proud of creating it all. Their leader, Tiron, was the bravest basilisk of all. Being their emperor and king, he created the first ponies called: Caveponies. He was like a god, defeating demons each day a chaotic event was to happen. During his time, he had a wife and a daughter named Clara. One of her first own-made ponies, next to Star Swirl the Bearded. He loved them with all of his heart, but on the twentieth night of the sapphire moon called Sinus, the ruler of all demons (named St. Sette) of the evil realm called Tartarus ca…

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  • Choong57

    T2T IIII?

    November 4, 2016 by Choong57

    Um, who have interested to form a new story under the title above?

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  • Choong57

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  • Dry63

    Tournament Announcement

    September 30, 2016 by Dry63

    I have a tournament on the MLP FIM Wiki.

    If you're a fan of the Equestria Girls shorts, then come check out this game. It is currently in Round 2. I would like the tournament to continue until their is a winner.

    Here's the link. My Game, Round 2

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  • Porcyuncula

    friends forever

    September 28, 2016 by Porcyuncula

                                                          real friendship overcomes all evil

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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    Well I think it's time for a new one. So what does everyone want to talk about?

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  • Lps applejack lover

    wall climbing

    August 12, 2016 by Lps applejack lover


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  • TheClydesdalePegasus149

    Hey guys, CP here. Today I've made my decision that's related to being the editor of the EG wiki. And it's that...I'm leaving this wiki for a few months.

    Yes, it's true but here're the reasons why:

    • I'm recently got myself obsessed by this French tv show Miraculous Ladybug (you can tell how I obsess with it by looking at my profile quote, "Plagg rules!").  Miraculous Ladybug is a love story between two Parisian teenagers, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, who transform into the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, respectively, to protect the city from supervillains.
    • I've been editing its wiki for the past two months. With Season 1 of Ladybug back in the US this Saturday (August 6th, 2016), I'm going to be super busy editing the entire ML
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  • InterGalaxtic03

    It's Me!

    August 2, 2016 by InterGalaxtic03

    Hi! My Name Is James and I am so Happy to join the wiki! I was on normak MLP wiki but I found this one so I'm here now!

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  • Dry63

    Based off the tournament games of TheGuineaPig45, Creeperfan, Crimson "Valet" Azure, and Meester Tweester, I will try hosting a tournament of my own in anticipation for the release of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree. I chose to do it here because it just made sense as the tournament is only related to the Equestria Girls series.

    How it will work is that 31 songs, the 16 shorts and only 54 Characters will compete for the winner spot in their respective division. In the comments below, vote for which ever you character, song, and short you like. Only the first 48 Characters, 28 songs, and 14 shorts will move on to the next round, while the remaining others get eliminated. The ones Moving On will be in Bold.

    You cannot save more than one …

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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    All right, I don't remember talking about this before.....but ......well it's technically (sorry to bring him up everyone) about Flash Sentry. Have anyone else wonder if Flash Sentry was aware of the princess Twilight Sparkle and of the human world Twilight Sparkle? Because that's what's been on my mind about him?

    It had me wondering if Flash Sentry was unaware of this. If he found out, what would this cause? A lot of drama, perhaps? Let me know your opinion.

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