• Seawing4ever

    can't we have a EG Fanon wiki instead? We could post fanart, and show  movie clips, and make  fanfiction about a sequel!!! Reply if you agree!

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  • Nitram86

    someone know where i can see the movie in streaming?? i only found the lat 13 minutes, i'm in italy so i can't see it in theaters... help

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  • Rey JJJ

    "Rowellina" and co. turned out to be a bust, but...

    I dared myself, and I did it! /

    First! At least I'd better be....

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  • Rey JJJ

    So I figured it out, thanks to the LA Film Festival shenanigans (BTW That film festival thing really p!$*ed me off) showing a photo the Girls take during their iconic High School dance! (And who where the doubters who commented on Youtube saying ZXInsanity was making a far better animation?) They have all the horsey parts the second promotional image from the NYT had (although it doesn't look like they have their red lipstick or facial Cutie Marks--although the latter would look just fine right about now) but are the same girls as in the first image...and weren't we just speculating WTH Rowellina was supposed to do since she couldn't have a…

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  • Rey JJJ

    Old-world coincidence

    May 18, 2013 by Rey JJJ

    Saw this on the bottom of the Wikia page:

    Z. B. Leviathan


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  • Pinkiepielunagirls

    Anypony/one excited for this?I know I am!

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  • DarkAKATabaa

    Somewhere someone leaked characters designs for human granny smith and human scootalo and a new character. and im having trobule copying and paste them sorry.

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  • ()

    Well, hello. My name is HurricaneKhaos, and I wrote this blog. I'm just going to put a few polls on here, and I'll see what you choose. Have fun!

    First poll:

    Okay, so these are the polls, now have fun voting!

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  • Abcron

    If any of you guys are just dying for something to do on this wiki besides talk, there are a slew of fanmade images sitting around on that you could add to the fanmade galleries here.

    While you're at it, join as a member. :P

    There is also the matter of all those fanmade videos floating around on YouTube. We have most of the ZXInsanity ones down, but the rest are just waiting to have pages made for them.

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  • Rey JJJ

    E.G. Fanfiction written!

    March 30, 2013 by Rey JJJ nope, but I did get a prologue rolling. The girls are still in Equestria.

    A link to its deviantArt page. Contains 96% Trixie, 3% Twilight Sparkle, and 1% Spike.

    Fun fact, I used the Wiki editor to write it out because Stash Writer is kind of bogus.

    EDIT: Added more. The "prologue" ends when Trixie is out of the planet.

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  • Rey JJJ

    The Game That Never Was

    March 21, 2013 by Rey JJJ

    So I think I am going to make a Wiki on it instead. What say you to that?

    A private one, where editors will have to go through me, if that's even possible.

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  • Rey JJJ

    Blowing a Red Bubble

    March 20, 2013 by Rey JJJ

    So I came to realize when I superimposed Rainbarkley Dash over Camelot County and a gradient, it made a rather swell-looking background.

    Then I got to thinking, and I realized that maybe, just maybe, I could do shirts. I know a friend of mine has, though out of all of us I'm the only one who can art from scratch; he manipulated the existing models and motifs to make his Redbubble catalog. I asked him, and he said he turned a profit of 20 dollars.

    I wonder how much I could net, with a little more original work. Heheheh...who might buy the first Equestria Girls shirts, I wonder.

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