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Canterlot High
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Cantelot High is a high school in the parallel world of Equestria, run by Principal Celestia and her sister Vice Principal Luna. It is the official setting for the movie.


The high school is set as a typical American high school with lockers, classrooms, a library, a cafeteria, a soccer pitch outside the school and an auditorium. The school however, is girlier than a real high school.

School functions include the Spring Fling and the Fall Formal where a Princess (a female student) is elected for each event.

The students once called themselves the "Canterlot Wondercolts".


  • The Front Lawn is the exterior of the school. It contains a statue of a horse, which also serves as a portal to Equestria every thirty moons. A sign consisting of two horseshoes is placed just at the sidewalk.
  • The Main Hall can be found at the entrance of the school. It has a trophy case filled with trophies won by the school. It also features a hallway filled with lockers next to it.
  • The Hallways are lined with green Lockers for students to store books and other valuables.
  • The Classrooms, only two are shown, the first briefly seen through the window of its door (Cheerilee's room) and the other shown entirely during Rarity's introduction.
  • Principal Celestia's office features a desk, a calendar, a gallery featuring the Princesses of past Fall Formals (and possibly other dances), and a reception area outside. A symbol above the door depicts the moon.
  • Vice Principal Luna's office is larger than Principal Celestia's office. It features a desk, a bookcase, a set of drawers, a chalk notice board and a painting of the night sky. Almost everything in the office has Luna's cutie mark on it.
  • The Gym is a large hall where school dances are held and most likely where the school has its gym classes.
  • Pinkie Pie putting on ears EG

    Pinkie Pie in the cafeteria

    Cafeteria is one of the largest rooms at the school and it is where students have their lunch each day.  Granny Smith works there as the lunch lady.
  • The Library is located at the back of the school. It is three or four stories tall.  It also serves as Twilight and Spike's home in the human world (like how the Golden Oak Library in Equestria is home to Twilight and Spike).  Miss Cheerilee appears to work at the library.
  • The Soccer Pitch is located outside the building. It has two goal posts and bleachers. It is a field used to play sports.


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