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  • 'Sup, MintyBelle, long time no see. I notice that this wiki is still a mess even after I've been gone for almost a year because of me now working for the Miraculous Ladybug and recently Zak Storm wikis. Let me to tell you that since I'm not going to come back here again (though I will pop up from time-to-time), you now must keep this wiki as clean and kid-friendly as possible. Because I've notice earlier there're a couple of inappropriate images and swear words being use here. So please if you happen to find any user using any of these contents around here as well as on Chat, make sure to leave them a warning and remove the word and/or image before you start to ban the user. The reason is due to the franchise is aimed for kids, this wiki needs to be safe as possible since children will look on the wiki and we want to make sure to respect them and their parents by not using any inappropriate contents.

    Thank you!

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  • How come has up Ranked #100 instead of 1000?

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    • Can you elaborate this better?

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    • Ah, nvm. This wiki is a kind of not-so-big community, so that may be it (#1000 is intended to show up for large wikis; ours is not greatly as huge as them).

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    • A FANDOM user
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