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For the name of an animated short, see Photo Finished.
Photo Finish
Photo Finish ID EG3
Photo Finish in Photo Finished.
Gender Female
Eyes Very dark indigo
Hair Light gray
Skin Pale, light grayish cerulean
Race Human
Earth (in Equestria)
Cutie mark
Photo Finish Cutie Mark (merchandise)

Black and Pink camera lens.

Voice Tabitha St. Germain
Photo Finish is a student from Canterlot High and one of the supporting characters in Equestria Girls. She serves as a school photographer for the yearbook. Photo Finish speaks with a German-like accent and she is never seen without her glasses.

Depictions in Equestria Girls

Photo Finish appears in My Little Pony Equestria Girls and she is first seen walking past Princess Twilight Sparkle in the school corridor, again in the school cafeteria, and finally at the Fall Formal, taking photographs, one in particular of Twilight and her friends, the Rainbooms.

Depictions in Rainbow Rocks

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Snapshots stare down Snails EG2

The Snapshots in Rainbow Rocks.

In the film, during Better Than Ever, Photo Finish takes several pictures of Big McIntosh, along with the Cutie Mark CrusadersSnipsSnails, and Trixie Lulamoon at the statue up front of the school. Also, during the song Battle, Photo Finish is seen conversing with another student when she hears the song of the Dazzlings. She takes part in the Battle of the Bands as the leader of her own band, the Snapshots, which consists of fellow fashionistas Pixel Pizzaz and Violet Blurr. They triumph over the Diamond Dog boys, but are eliminated by the Dazzlings. During the Rainbooms' performance of Shake Your Tail, she and her band attempt to sabotage the performance by lifting Rarity's metal fringes from her dress with magnets. She has one speaking line in the film.

Perfect Day for Fun

In the My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks animated short Perfect Day for Fun!, Photo Finish appears at the Canterlot High carnival.

Depictions in Friendship Games

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

Photo Finish doesn't have any lines in this film, but serves as a running gag of taking a photo during random events.

Photo Finished

Photo Finish 'will capture the magics!' EG3

"Say no more! I, Photo Finish, would capture the magics!"

In the Friendship Games short Photo Finished, Photo Finish is tasked by Vice Principal Luna to take student photos for the school yearbook. Though Photo Finish, assisted by Violet Blurr and Pixel Pizzaz, gets carried away and annoys the subjects of her photography, the pictures she submits are met with Vice Principal Luna's approval.


"I go!"
— Photo Finished
Photo Finish about to speed off again EG3

"Enough, I go!"

With her loud German-like accent, Photo Finish joins the ranks of unexplainable foreign-accent students. She is always seen taking a picture at school but when it comes to take pictures for the yearbook, she would do it the hard way to capture "the magics". She always refers to herself as "I, Photo Finish," and she is never seen without her sunglasses on.



A Photo Finish from a 3-Pack with the Snapshots.

Only two Photo Finish dolls have been released for the Equestria Girls franchise. One in a 3-Pack with her fellow bandmates, Violet Blurr and Pixel Pizzaz, and another in a school locker set.


"Say no more! I, Photo Finish, would capture da magicks"
"I go!"
"Hold that pose!"
"Zis never should haf been you, Rainbooms!"
"I say nothink. Photo Finish lets her work speak for itself."

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Photo Finish snaps her fingers again EG3

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