The Rainbooms
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The Rainbooms in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree
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Other names Sonic Rainbooms, The Rainblossoms, The Rainbrooms, Crystal Rainbooms

The Rainbooms, also known as the Sonic Rainbooms and the Equestria Girls, are a student band that is named in the second film and appeared in the various animated shorts. The band consists of Rainbow Dash on lead vocals and electric guitar, Applejack on the bass, Fluttershy on tambourine, Pinkie Pie on the drums, Rarity on keytar, Twilight Sparkle temporarily on lead vocals, Sunset Shimmer on backup vocals and rhythm guitar, DJ Pon-3 on turntables, and Sci-Twi later joins the band as the lead vocalist.

Depiction in the shorts

The Rainbow Rocks animated shorts partially depict the band's formation, with each member discovering and taking up what would be their instrument of choice.

In Guitar Centered, Rainbow Dash acquires a new electric guitar after a "shred off" against Trixie.

In Hamstocalypse Now, Fluttershy discovers her talent for the tambourine when tending to a rambunctious group of hamsters.

In Pinkie on the One, Pinkie Pie discovers her talent for playing the drums when her friends seek an outlet for her boundless energy.

In Player Piano, Rarity takes up the keytar as a more portable substitute for the grand piano.

In A Case for the Bass, Applejack recovers her bass guitar from Flim and Flam after Granny Smith accidentally sells it to them at a yard sale.

The Rainbooms perform at a school dance in Shake Your Tail and at the Canterlot High School Carnival in Perfect Day for Fun. In the encore short Friendship Through the Ages, the Rainbooms sing about their enduring friendship.

In the Friendship Games short The Science of Magic, Sunset Shimmer does experiments on the Rainbooms to try to find out why her friends pony up whenever they play music.

Depiction in the films

In My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, the Rainbooms compete in the CHS Musical Showcase against several rivaling bands, including the Dazzlings and Trixie and the Illusions. It is stated by Rainbow Dash that starting the band was her idea. Throughout the film, she asserts that it is her band, despite her friends' insistence that they each have an equal stake in the band.

When the Dazzlings arrive at Canterlot High School and place everyone under their spell, the Rainbooms, unaffected by the Dazzlings' magic, call on Twilight Sparkle for help and temporarily recruit her into the band as the new lead vocalist.

As they advance through the competition, the Rainbooms succumb to moments of infighting: Rainbow Dash's egotism grates on her friends' nerves, Applejack argues with Rarity] over the latter's obsession with the band's stage wardrobe, and Fluttershy's desire to play a song she wrote goes unheard. Other bands in the competition also attempt to sabotage their performances, and Trixie—at the suggestion of the Dazzlings—traps the Rainbooms under a stage to keep them from participating in the final round.

Before the friends fall victim to the Dazzlings' magic due to their arguing, Sunset Shimmer convinces them to work out their disagreements. With the help of Spike, DJ Pon-3, and later Sunset herself, the Rainbooms eventually defeat the Dazzlings in the final round of the Battle of the Bands and free the school from their spell. Soon after, Sunset Shimmer is welcomed into the Rainbooms as a new member.

In My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, the group practices before the Friendship Games.

In My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree, the group plays for the Crystal Ball, with Sci-Twi as the new member of the Rainbooms.

Songs performed

Other depictions

The Rainbooms are featured in Hasbro's online games Repeat the Beat, Battle of the Bands, and V.I.F.

The Rainbooms also appear in Hasbro Arcade in the Rainbow Rocks song minigame.

The Rainbooms are also featured in two live-action Rainbow Rocks music videos that promote the film and merchandise and use a rock version of Equestria Girls (Cafeteria Song).[1][2]


On June 6, 2013, Hasbro filed a trademark of "RAINBOOMS" for "Toy ponies and accessories for use therewith; dolls, doll clothing and doll accessories for use therewith".[3]

A Sunset Shimmer doll's packaging bears the statement "I LOVE ROCKIN' TO MY FRIENDS' BAND, THE RAINBOOMS!" [4]


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