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This gallery serves as an index. Click on a caption to browse the corresponding image gallery.

IDW comics



Character galleries
Main characters
ApplejackFluttershyPinkie PieRainbow DashRaritySpikeSunset ShimmerTwilight Sparkle
Supporting characters
Staff Principal CelestiaVice Principal LunaPrincipal CinchCheerilee
Canterlot Wondercolts Bulk BicepsCutie Mark CrusadersDerpyDJ Pon-3Diamond DogsFlash SentryLyra HeartstringsMicro ChipsOctavia MelodyPhoto FinishSandalwoodSnips and SnailsSweetie DropsTrixieViolet Blurr and Pixel Pizzaz
Crystal Prep Shadowbolts Indigo ZapJet Set and Upper CrustLemon ZestSour SweetSugarcoatSunny Flare
Camp Everfree Counselors Gloriosa DaisyTimber Spruce
Equestrians Adagio DazzleAria BlazeMane SixSonata DuskSpikeTwilight Sparkle
Appearances gallery
ApplejackFluttershyPinkie PieRainbow DashRaritySunset ShimmerTwilight Sparkle

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