Let's go, Shadowbolts! (new version) EG3

The Shadowbolts team for the Friendship Games
The Shadowbolts, also known as the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts, appear in the film My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games and in the IDW comics' My Little Pony Annual 2013.

Depiction in films

In Friendship Games, Crystal Prep Academy's Shadowbolts compete against Canterlot High School's Wondercolts in the quadrennial Friendship Games competition. The team consists of Jet Set, Upper Crust, Neon Lights, Suri Polomare, Trenderhoof, Royal Pin, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest, and human Twilight Sparkle. The former six take part only in the Academic Decathalon, while the latter six move on to the Tri-Cross Relay and Capture the Flag events after getting the best scores for their team.

Other depictions

IDW comics

In the comic My Little Pony Annual 2013: Equestria Girls story, Crystal Prep's Shadowbolts (identified only by their team name) play soccer against Canterlot High School's Wondercolts in the first game of the season.

Chapter books

The cover of the chapter book Friendship Games, displayed at the 2015 American International Toy Fair, shows Crystal Prep's Shadowbolts along with Canterlot High School's Wondercolts.


In Hasbro's Equestria Girls app for iOS and Android, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest, and the human Twilight Sparkle, identified as "Sci-Twi", can appear in the game through their dolls' zapcodes.

Competitors for the Friendship Games


Friendship Games dolls of Crystal Prep's Shadowbolts include both School Spirit and Sporty Style releases of Twilight Sparkle, Lemon Zest, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, and Indigo Zap.[1]


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