Spitfire ID

Spitfire in My Little Pony Annual 2013
Kind Human
Occupation Student at Canterlot High School
More info
Eyes Brilliant orange
Hair Brilliant orange
Coat Pale, light grayish gold

Spitfire is a female human, a student and a captain of the soccer team from Canterlot High School who only appeared in IDW Publishing's My Little Pony Annual 2013.

Depiction in comics

Spitfire only appears in My Little Pony Annual 2013 as a captain of the CHS soccer team. She was impressed by Rainbow Dash for her skill during the tryout for the soccer team. Spitfire was presented during the first soccer season between the Wondercolts and the Shadowbolts in which the former won.


"You'll want to be Wondercolts, huh? Well, let's see what you've got!"
— My Little Pony Annual 2013 page 23
"At-ten-shun! All right, Wondercolts, we got us a game to play."
— My Little Pony Annual 2013 page 39
"It's not for a trophy, it's not the most important game of your life."
— My Little Pony Annual 2013 page 39
"C'mon, Rainbow Dash! What team are you playin' for?"
— My Little Pony Annual 2013 page 44

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