The Spring Fling is an annual event that takes place in Canterlot High School.

Depiction in the series

According to a crew member, in an early draft of My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Rarity was the girl who unsuccessfully ran for Princess of the Spring Fling against Sunset Shimmer, but the final draft of the movie did not reveal this. The crew member also stated that "a couple of lines in the movie" still imply it. In the movie, Fluttershy mentions the unsuccessful candidate for Princess of the Spring Fling when she advises Twilight Sparkle against running for the Fall Formal Princess. Later in the film, Rarity says she expects "some sort of apology for last spring's debacle."

According to Rarity in the chapter book adaption, when she tries to be Princess of the Spring Fling, Sunset had forced Snips and Snails to follow her at the Carousel Boutique where she works after school. Similar to what they did to Twilight in the film, they had filmed Rarity when she pretended a mannequin was a prince and asked "him" to a kiss. They posted it online, leading to Rarity's humiliation and Sunset being the Spring Fling princess.

Shake Your Tail

The Rainbooms are decorating the gym for the Spring Fling. They each tries out a different theme for the party that ends in failure of some sort. Finally, Rainbow Dash comes up with an idea and combines all of their themes into one.

In the chapter book adaption, Twilight is not involved in getting the gym ready, but is mentioned. And the girls are arguing about what the theme would be, instead of each of them decorating the entire gym to show their own.



MLP Annual 2013 Freshman Fair
Freshman Fair
Equestria Girls ''This is Our Big Night'' music video cover
Fall Formal
Main 6 'Shake Your Tail' big finish (new version) EG2
Spring Fling
Canterlot High carnival half 2 EG2
Spring Carnival
CHS Musical Showcase poster EG2
CHS Musical Showcase
Wide shot of the Tri-Cross Relay field EG3
Friendship Games

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