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·This story's setting were also setted in pony universe.
·This is just a demo, anyone can takeover.

"Long ago, a young unicorn found a book, but it suddenly turned into a key and a leather cestus, then realized that a bunch of ponies, who have cruel and greed ponies, were trying to capture those two items. He escaped, and saw an evil ghost pony has awakened, then steal all that unicorn away. He soon felled at the mountain's bottom, he discovered that he is related to somepony else, then finally the 'Flame of Hope', and defeated that ghost pony. At that time, a legend has born. This story has been..."
"...Has been still spread across the world." A unicorn said. "This must be fake, right?"
"What did you say, Leaf?" her friends asks.
"It's fake."
"Alright everypony, be ready for the class!" Teacher interruped.
My name is Leaf Stinger, a unicorn who loves plants, and I'm definitely a bookish pony, of course. About those legendary stories, I will think it was completely fake, except I met those legends.
During the lunchtime, 6 ponies who met at outside the school, has continuing their conversation.
"How a unicorn can defeat an Alicorn ghost pony with that flame? It seems impossible..." I said.
"Welp, if somepony brave enough, then he can defeated that Alicorn ghost pony with his own will!" said one of her friend, Nightdream Shine.
"Oh no, we are almost late! We got to go." Her friends said.
"Ok, I'll catchup in a little bit."
When I'm ready to went back to the class, I noticed two unfamiliar ponies arrived at outside the school, and I briefly heard their voices.
"Oh, my beloved sister." Solunar said. "We are returned to school today!"
"Yay! It's been three years since I attend to school." Bright Sky said excitely.
"We better go to principal office to resign."
"But you are already 24, Solunar..."
"(awkward) Oh, I forgot it...LOL..."
"OK, let's go."
When Bright Sky ran into the school, I was wondering : who are they? Why I didn't seen them before, but I'm still wan't to figure it out.
"Hey!" I shouted to him.
"Yes?" He responsed.
"I want to see your strange. Take this!"
I shoted a magic beam to him, but he countered. But when I ran towards for attacking him, he teleported to the main front door, then the school bell has rang.
"Darn it! My magic..."
"Uh, miss? Can I take you back to the class? Since I'm an Alicorn, I may can help you..." Solunar asks.
"Fine..." I sighed.
I hop to his back, and he spread his wings, and fly to my class's window.
I thank to him for sending me back to my class, and he said this is his preasure, then he fly away... I'm still want to know more about him...

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