Three thousand years ago, the land was ruled by a herd of reptilian creatures called: Basilisks. They were peaceful, protective, and kind. They created every mountain, river, and tree. It was their land and they were proud of creating it all. Their leader, Tiron, was the bravest basilisk of all. Being their emperor and king, he created the first ponies called: Caveponies. He was like a god, defeating demons each day a chaotic event was to happen. During his time, he had a wife and a daughter named Clara. One of her first own-made ponies, next to Star Swirl the Bearded. He loved them with all of his heart, but on the twentieth night of the sapphire moon called Sinus, the ruler of all demons (named St. Sette) of the evil realm called Tartarus came to rise and attacked the Caveponies and Basilisks. This was happening after Equestria was first founded as Pony Square. So, during the attack, Tiron lost the battle and turned evil thanks to her. He lost her daughter, and everything he created. Even the most powerful items Star Swirls created for him: The Elements of Harmony.