Good morning, everyone! I've got some good news for you! It had confirmed during Hasbro's Toy Fair Presentation that Legends of Everfree is going to be the fourth EqG movie after all! Woohoo!

Legends of Everfree promotional image

The photo during Hasbro's Toy Fair Presentation

Yep, it turns out would be center around the seven girls as the whole school going to camp together! I'm pretty sure that the movie took place before summer vacation, because:

  • The first Equestria Girls movie took place around September or October, because of the Fall Formal.
  • Rainbow Rocks took place six moons after it by the staffs, meaning that movie took place in March.
  • And Friendship Games took place maybe a month after Rainbow Rocks.
Dimensional rift opening up EG3

Seems familiar?

​And judging on the photo on the right, the girls would encounter the Everfree Forest during the trip. And I knew that the background of the Forest from the third movie foreshadows the fourth.

If you read my blog called Legends of Everfree (speculation) before this confirmation, I now have a new theory:

I've notice that in the background of the first photo that Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy is standing behind a pile of jewels and there're jewels hanging behind Fluttershy. Maybe those jewels are similar to Equestria's Tree of Harmony? I don't know.

Since the NY Toy Fair is tommorrow, I'll be doing a roundup of toys sometime next week for news about LoE. What do you guys think about the idea of the Girls going to camp and have to solve a problem that involve with the Everfree Forest. Leave your comments below. TheClydesdalePegasus, out!