Sighs. Hey, guys. Today I have something to tell you that involve with me being absent for half a year now. And it's that, I'm leaving this wiki.

Yes, it's true but here's the reason why I suddenly made my final decision out of the blue:

If you read my previous entry from August, you will know about my obsession with Miraculous Ladybug. I've been editing that wiki for almost one year now. I've promise from my entry that I would be back here on January 2017 after all of Season 1 episodes and the Christmas Special released in the US. But these two things have happened recently:

  • Tales From Paris: a 2D web series that have webisodes release almost every week on either the official Miraculous Ladybug Youtube channel or TFOU/TF1 for the English or French dubs, respectively.
  • Image Controller promotion: Four weeks ago, TansyFlower (the admin of the wiki) had promoted me to Image Control with Rollback rights. Image Control rights give me the ability to delete images, rename images, and edit comments and blogs. However my new role is to use these abilities to look over and managing gallery pages (for instances: Characters, Episodes/Webisodes, Object, etc).

It's very complicated, but since I haven't edit anything here for six months, it's best that I could leave. Miraculous Ladybug is my favorite show now and at the same time, I have to prepare myself for going college in the Fall of 2019. I'm still a fan of My Little Pony, though. Hope you all understand. Goodbye.

"Spots on, claws out."
— CP