I really need your help! I need someone to help make the templates for numerous of pages here! I'm going to make the soundtrack pages, as well as changing the templates for the movies but I have really don't know how I would do it! Here's the list of templates I need people to make:

  • Appearances table/Films
  • Appearances table/Animated shorts


  • Infobox book
  • Infobox album
  • Infobox comic
  • Infobox crew
  • Infobox film
  • Infobox transcript


  • Allusions
  • Album
  • Artifacts
  • Book
  • Character
  • Character galleries
  • Comics
  • Crew
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • Films and shorts
  • Events
  • Galleries
  • Places
  • Software
  • Songs
  • Songs/International version
  • Transcript

Please, help me! This will make things easier for me to edit for this entire wiki! Make sure every templates I list are exactly the same like the one from the Friendship is Magic wiki! Also here's another list of editing for the templates:

  • Characters
  • Songs

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